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 Many Hollywood celebrities hire Personal Trainers to help them achieve or maintain their physique, why shouldn’t you treat yourself to the same experience? Here is why you should hire a trainer…  

  • KNOWLEDGE: A good trainer will plan your workouts so that you are progressing toward your goal: whether for better health, to improve your sport or to stay fit. Trainers have knowledge about exercise, how to combine, progress, vary and alter exercises to suit you.

  • SAFETY: Ensure you are exercising safely.

  • EFFECTIVENESS: If you are spending the time working out, it should be worthwhile. Personal Training ensures an effective workout every time.

  • MOTIVATION: Have a one-on-one coach push you further than you might push yourself. Trainers will encourage, motivate and celebrate in your achievement.

  • COMMITMENT: you are more likely to go to the gym if you have a scheduled appointment.

  • GUIDANCE: you will set up realistic goals about healthy eating and exercise. Trainers can answer your questions along the way and help you get over obstacles to your success.

  • FUN: enjoy variety in your workouts, try things you have never done before, gain a new perspective on exercise and have fun with it. Exercise is not just about an end result, it is about a lifestyle commitment.

There are many knowledgeable trainers working at our local gyms or working independently. Get started with one today!


-Marta (author) is a trainer at Women Zone Fitness and Aerobics.

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