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Resistance Bands

 What is a great piece of strength training equipment that is cheap and easy to store?  

Resistance Bands! Bands are an excellent addition to a home gym or a fitness facility. Bands are relatively inexpensive; they are compact and light (great for travel or at home where space might be limited); they come in various resistance levels (different colours correspond to different levels); and they come in various shapes (long bands, rings, figure 8 bands or bands with interchangeable handles and door attachments).

Owning just 2 or 3 bands of various intensity levels is all you need to do a great strength training work out. Bands can be used to work the legs, butt, core, chest, back, shoulders and arms…all in all a full body strength work out.

If you are using bands, be sure to follow safety guidelines and ensure that you warm up before doing the band exercises and stretch properly after the work out. To get the best band workout that is customized for your abilities and goals, see a personal trainer or exercise specialist, they can give you a personal resistance band workout that you can then do on your own! A great resource, full of colour photos and explanations for band exercises is “The Great Stretch Tubing Handbook” written by Andre Noel Potvin and Michael Jepersen.

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