The best way to lose fat off your stomach is to do crunches, right?


 We cannot target just one area of the body to see fat loss results. Crunches will make your abdominal muscles strong but will not burn the belly fat. Anatomically, muscle sits underneath fat and any specific muscle activity does not directly affect what is happening to the fat above it: they are two separate types of tissue. To lose fat you need to have a combination of 3 things: healthy eating, cardiovascular exercise and strength training.

Most people have a ‘problem’ area, where they tend to pack on more weight. Genetics it the main reason for fat storage differences between genders and individuals. It can be frustrating to see weight loss in certain areas of your body and not others, but don’t fall into the spot reduction trap! There are other factors that affect how we store and shed fat; these include hormones, stress, medication and certain medical conditions.

Talk to an exercise specialist to get specific guidelines for your individual weight loss program. Finally, be patient with your weight loss program: enjoy balanced workouts that focus on all parts of the body and not just the ‘problem’ spots.

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