If the days are getting hotter and the golf course is calling your name... what can you do to make your golf game better and more enjoyable this year? Here are a few tips to improve your overall game.  Flexibility, Core Strength and Power are some of the fundamental elements in the perfect golf game.

Flexibility: Tightness and muscular imbalances will affect your golf swing. Flexible hips, trunk, chest and shoulders will relax your swing and allow you to swing with more force and accuracy. Take the time to improve your flexibility with regular stretching exercises.

Core Strength: Any powerful movement generates from the core. Balance and stability exercises will improve the golf swing. Postural and core exercises will allow for a smooth transfer of force from the legs to the upper body. Stability ball and wobble board or BOSU exercises are excellent training additions.

Power: Both speed and strength are required as a transfer of energy occurs during a golf swing: work on leg, torso/abdominal and upper body power. Use medicine ball and plyometric exercises in your training routine.

Resistance, flexibility and cardiovascular training will improve your overall golf game. For specific exercises, consult with a Personal Trainer.

The best way to improve your golf swing is (believe it or not) to practice your golf swing. Repetitive practice builds up “muscle memory” which is where movement becomes instinctive and re-active. Movement should come naturally and without strain. Although it is important to work on the various elements of your sport: flexibility, core strength and power (as well as endurance), it is especially useful to practice “functional fitness” which incorporates sport specific exercises (those that mimic or re-create sport specific skills).

Know your weaknesses and work on improving them. For example, if your ‘follow through’ is the weakest part of your on it!

Remember that practice does NOT make perfect...rather PERFECT PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Form, speed, posture and technique are all areas to improve and work on. Work with a golfing coach/instructor to break down the biomechanics of your swing and figure out your strengths and weaknesses.

Always consult a physician before beginning an exercise program. Discontinue an exercise if you feel any pain or discomfort.

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